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What is Little People, Big Questions?

Little People, Big Questions delivers high energy, kid-centered storytimes. You may be asking yourself, "aren't all storytimes kid-centered?" The reality is that most storytimes are book-centered. Amy uses books as a vehicle to create a genuine connection with kids and a starting point to develop emotional literacy, all while keeping it very fun because kids learn best through play.

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Who is Little People, Big Questions?

Amy Godfrey has been performing in one way or another for most of her life. She spent her formative years acting in plays and touring with her punk bands. She eventually realized that performing for and working with children is her dream. She received her Masters in Library Science in 2007 and worked as a Children's Librarian from 2007-2015. She left the library life after the birth of her first child and started out on her own, bringing her special brand of storytime to communities throughout Durham. She is also an aerialist and is the co-founder and co-creative director of StoryUp! Aerial Theater. 
All of her work, whether it be storytime or with StoryUp! is rooted in deep respect of children as autonomous individuals.

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